People of the Harrisonburg Farmers Market

The two yellow busses pulled up to the Harrionsburg Farmers Market July 16 and dropped off the 80 or so attendees at the JMU jCAMP.

Armed with cameras, notepads and microphones, the students set out first to document some of the people of the Farmers Market.

Simon Beach
Rosie and Mona shop at the Farmers Market in downtown Harrisonburg on Tuesday morning. Both have lived in Harrisonburg their whole lives. “We enjoy coming to the Farmers Market to look at all the local produce, we also work in walking distance from here so we can take a little field trip,” they said.
Sophia Alexiou
Jim Dellinger sells his woodworkings at the Farmers Market on Tuesdays. His favorite part of the work is “having a good job when I’m done.” He does his own work at his woodworking shop with his personal tools, and he learned from experience.
Gillian Hedrick
Described by his aunt as a younger version of Brad Pitt, Frankie Sorrells greets patrons of the Double O Farm vendor with a smile. The eleven year old cashier surprises customers, his innocent features hiding the knowledge and maturity needed to perform his job. Although his quick mathematical skills and expertise on peaches distinguishes Frankie from children his age, Frankie’s willingness to assist customers portrays him as older beyond his years. “[My favorite part of working is] helping people. It makes me feel good when they don’t know stuff and I know it.”
Caleb Goss
Caleb Goss
Molly Boland-Stover sells handmade items at the local flea market in downtown Harrisonburg. Molly makes anything from quilts to stuffed animals, which are made out of reusable fabrics purchased at the Goodwill.
Jacqueline Diaz
Kendra Straughn said she visits the Harrisonburg Farmers Market often. She likes to support local businesses and prefers buying fresh vegetables for her two young boys.
Nina Alabanza
Ted Hott goes to the Farmers Market every Tuesday and Saturday to sell Hott Apiary honey products. They have 50 hives on their farm, and make all of their products, such as lotions, chapsticks, and balms.