2014 jDay Write-Off Award Winners Announced


On Saturday, April 5, 89 students competed in the 2014 jDay Write-Off Competition.  At the closing ceremony, associate director of the Virginia Association of Journalism Teachers and Advisers presented the following students with certificates of merit:

Best of Show:

  • Yearbook: Techniques, TJHSST
  • Newspaper: The Purple Tide, Chantilly High School


  • First place – Alvin Shi, TJHSST
  • Second place – Andrea Delgado, McLean High School
  • Third place – Justin Mercer, Chantilly High School

Newspaper Design: First place, Alexis Williams, TJHSST

Yearbook Design:

  • First place – Eileen Zheng, TJHSST
  • Second place – Brooklyn Lykes, George C. Marshall High School
  • Third place – Katelyn O’Neil, Yorktown High School


  • First place – Allen Harris, McLean High School
  • Second place – Alyssa Glenn, South Lakes High School


  • First place – Meilan Solly, Tuscarora High School
  • Second place – Hannah Menchel, McLean High School

Editorial Cartoon:

  • First place – Shaoyki Amdo, McLean High School
  • Second place – Jessica Tang, McLean High School

Editorial Writing:

  • First place – Michael Bollman, Centreville High School
  • Second place – Gloria Boland, Chantilly High School
  • Third place – Christine Cheon, McLean High School

Feature Writing:

  • First place – Esther Kim, TJHSST
  • Second place – Xavier Rivera, Rockville High School
  • Third place – Catie Hutchison, John Champe High School

News Writing:

  • First place – Ellen Kan, TJHSST
  • Second place – Sabiha Chowdhury, Chantilly High School
  • Third place – Megan Mowry, Edison High School
  • Honorable Mention – Maggie Lam, McLean HS

Sports Writing:

  • First place – David Kagan, McLean High School
  • Second place – Hannah Duenkel, Tuscarora High School
  • Third place – Erin Fowler, Chantilly High School

Cutline/Caption Writing:

  • First place – Priyanka Bitra, Freedom High School
  • Second place – Andrew Gonzales, Annandale High School
  • Third place – Karissa Walker, Freedom High School