Grinere Sells Fresh Veggie Juice at Farmer’s Market


Camden Nogueras

an Grinere, a Fruit Farmer and Vendor,is actively preparing his next batch of fresh juice at the food market in downtown Harrisonburg. Ian moved from New York to Virginia in 2021. His farmer business sells assorted fruits and veggies and other products like his fruit juice. Ian sells the healthy juice on Tuesdays and Saturdays. “I’m just a small scale market farmer. I’ve spent years helping make food that can be purchased at a cheap affordable price, and it’s healthy,” Grinere said.

Kieran Murphy and Camden Nogueras

Kieran Murphy

Ian Grinere, fruit farmer and juice vendor, drives 45 minutes every Tuesday and Saturday in order to sell his produce and juice to customers at the Harrisonburg farmers market. Mr. Grinere has been a farmer for the past 8 years and has been selling in Harrisonburg for one year. He does this in order to, “provide good produce to people at an affordable price.”