The growth of the neighborhood burger joint

Jack Brown’s expands to 15 different locations

Amanda Steadele


Addison Steadele

Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint is located on 80 S Main St and has 14 other locations in six different states. Jack Brown’s opened in 2009 by Aaron Ludwig and Mike Sabin. “They were best friends. Aaron previously owned a ski and skate shop and he called Mike who was a chef in Miami and said ‘Dude we’ve talked about a restaurant for years, let’s open a beer and burger joint.’ Mike is a chef, he knows what he’s doing and says ‘Let’s do wagyu beef and keep it simple.’ When we first opened, it was only hamburgers, cheeseburgers and only 25 beers and it just grew.” Shauna Cunningham, current general manager, said.

Addison Steadele