Share Your Students’ Work in the 2020 Student Media Showcase


To say it’s been an unusual school year would be an understatement. But student media staffs across the state persevered and produced some incredible work nevertheless.

We want to be sure this work does not go unrecognized, so the Virginia Association of Journalism Teachers and Advisers is proud to announce the 2020 Virginia Student Media Showcase.

This is different from the critiques or competitions some staffs might be used to. Rather than evaluate students’ work, our goal is to celebrate it across two dozen categories highlighting the writing, reporting, photography, art and design that student publications are most proud of.

Whether you advise a literary magazine, newspaper, newsmagazine, online news site, yearbook or broadcast program, we invite you to submit examples of your students’ work to this year’s showcase. We will then share the material we’ve received online so that it can serve as a source of pride and inspiration as staffs begin working on next year’s publications.

We are accepting up to 3 selections per category. To submit your students’ work, please use the appropriate links below. (There are separate forms for print media and digital media. Specific instructions on what to send are available on each form.)

Submissions will be open until July 15.

Please note that by submitting work to the showcase, you are giving VAJTA permission to reproduce and/or link to the work—on our website, via social media or by other means—for others to see. (Credit will be given to the overall publication and school.)

Please use the comment box below or contact us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

We look forward to receiving your selections and can’t wait to share them in the months ahead!