Andy C. Profile

Amara Clancey

Andy Chung is a rising sophomore at McLean High School. He is 15 years old and lives in Fairfax County, VA — a town up near DC. He is on his schools varsity golf team, and is thinking of trying out for the basketball team next year. One of his hobbies other than sports is that lately he been trying to read more. He has several things he enjoys about his hometown.


“Everything is really close by and we have a downtown, so my friends and I go there when we’re bored. We also go to the gym and play basketball. There’s also a huge mall and we go there.” Chung said.


This is his first year at jCamp, and he says that nothing bad has happened so far. However, the style of our town surprised him, as it is quite unfamiliar.


“It is really open and it’s really different from my town it’s like countryside for me.” Chung said, “It’s an old town, a really old town. It has some history.”


 He chose to come to jCamp because of a responsibility he is taking on at school next year.


“I work for the school magazine and next year my teacher wants me to have a design spot in our magazine, and I don’t really know much that I can use, so I came here to learn more and I can bring the skills back to my school.” he said.