Rogers encourages sustainable lifestyles


Zeenat Habeeb

Glen Thomas, seen working at Shenandoah Bicycle.

Zeenat Habeeb
Bicycles lines up, waiting for a customer.

Acai and bicycles don’t have much in common but when combined many would be surprised on how they compliment each other.

Kevin Rogers, manager of Shenandoah Bicycle/Pulp thought bicycles and acai belonged together because both are natural, compliment each other and are sustainable.
Rogers is not only helping to save the environment by promoting bicycles, but with his acai place, Pulp. As an alternative to plastic silverware, Pulp uses wooden bowls and spoons. 

Customer Suzie Carnes, while ordering an acai bowl, said she wants to be eco friendly and lead a sustainable lifestyle. “I’ve always wanted to try it, and now I got a chance to.”

Glen Thomas, who works at Shenandoah Bicycle, also hopes to lead a sustainable life. “I ride (to) pretty much 90% of the things I do, to get around, on bikes.”
Similarly Kevin Rogers works to encourage others to lead a sustainable lifestyle. He said he prefers to encourage others through conversation. “Social media is very powerful, but just the face- to -face conversations and spreading those conversations is much more powerful than social media ever will be.”