jDay 2016 Winners

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jDay 2016 Winners

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Congratulations to all of the 2016 JDay Write-Off winners!

List of 2016 Winners by Category:

Best of Show

  • Newspaper: The Newsstreak, Harrisonburg High School
  • Newsmagazine: tjTODAY, TJHSST
  • Website: tjtoday.org
  • Yearbook: The Clan, McLean HS


1. Kaitlyn Cue, Harrisonburg HS

2. Lama Al Rajih, McLean HS


Honorable Mention: Irene Liu, Harrisonburg HS

Caption Writing

  1. Puja Basnet, South Lakes HS
  2. Sania Shahid, McLean HS
  3. Nick Crow, West Potomac HS


  1. Sudharshana Krishnan, Chantilly HS
  2. Erica Schipper, Hayfield Secondary
  3. Amanda Young, South Lakes HS

Editorial Writing

  1. Ashwin Dasgupta, McLean HS
  2. Maggie Markon, Hayfield Secondary
  3. Elizabeth Goldsworthy, Hayfield Secondary

Feature Writing

  1. Liam Zeya, McLean HS
  2. Lauren Miller, Hayfield Secondary
  3. Amy Zelaya, West Potomac HS


  1. Bryan Chung, McLean HS

News Writing

  1. Shahtaj Ali, West Potomac HS
  2. Siddarth Shankar, McLean HS
  3. Melanie Pincus, McLean HS

Newspaper Design

  1. Katherine Du, TJHSST
  2. Honorable Mention: Amelia Gulding, Robinson Secondary


  1. Camilla Brinton, Loudoun County HS
  2. Johyun Kim, Tuscarora HS; Brenda Zambrana, South Lakes HS
  3. Honorable Mention: Samantha Taherian, McLean HS

Sports Writing

  1. John Corvari, McLean HS
  2. Haru Kato, McLean HS
  3. Mackenzie Para, West Potomac HS

Yearbook Design

  1. Sveta Jagannathan, TJHSST
  2. Honorable Mention: Sabrina Caceras, South Lakes HS