JDAY 2015 Write-Off Winners

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Congratulations to all of the 2015 JDay Write-Off winners!

List of 2015 Winners by Category:

Best of Show

  1. Newspaper: The A-Blast, Annandale HS
  2. Website: HHSMedia.com
  3. Yearbook: Iditaord, Tuscarora HS


1.  Lama Al Rajih, McLean HS

2.  Alexa Nugonly, TJHSST

3.  Cedric Ansah, Harrisonburg HS

Honorable Mention: Doyle Dick, Harrisonburg HS

Caption Writing

  1. Meryl Menezes, McLean HS
  2. Grace Mika, Hayfield Secondary
  3. Sarah Crossen, TJHSST


  1. Reagan Ale, Chantilly HS
  2. Patrick McCabe, Marshall HS
  3. Ingrid Morse, McLean HS

Editorial Cartoon

  1. Eleanor Patrick, McLean HS
  2. Bryan Chung, McLean HS

Editorial Writing

  1. Ashwin Dasgupta, McLean HS
  2. Sharon Kim, TJHSST
  3. Heather Dunbar, Marshall HS

Feature Writing

  1. Tina Nguyen, Chantilly HS
  2. Madalyn Donnelly, Chantilly HS
  3. Erica Schipper, Hayfield Secondary


  1. Caylin Elkins, Marshall HS
  2. Joanne Kim, Tuscarora HS
  3. Michael Cherry, Hayfield Secondary

News Writing

  1. Ankit Agrawal, TJHSST
  2. Melanie Pincus, McLean HS
  3. Christine Cheon, McLean HS

Newspaper Design

  1. Chae Wohn, Chantilly HS
  2. Alex Zernik, Annandale HS
  3. Danielle Matta, Tuscarora HS


  1. Amanda Pearson, Tuscarora HS
  2. Ally Brown, Marshall HS
  3. Samantha Taherian, McLean HS

Sports Writing

  1. John Corvari, Harrisonburg HS
  2. Zach Koons, Hayfield Secondary
  3. Austin Swift, Harrisonburg HS

Yearbook Design

  1. Aly Luckett, TJHSST
  2. Alvin Shi, TJHSST
  3. Laura Modica, Tuscarora HS